· Jigglypuff’s Lullaby


My Pokemon TCG Oracle taught me this spell. It is to help you sleep when your mind is working against you.


A necklace/piece of jewellery you can wear to bed

A gentle chant (taken from your favourite lullaby perhaps)

1-3 candles (explained below)

A coin or random method of divination


First, use your method of divination to find out how many candles you need. This may vary between individual castings of this spell. For example, you could flip a coin three times in a row and count how many tails you get (tails because these tend to designate cost in the Pokemon TCG). Say you get three tails, that would mean three candles. Any colour should do, but you could choose calming colours if you want.

Then decide on what chant you want to use. It needs to be a calming one, bringing to mind restful sleep and peace. You could take it from a lullaby you used to be sung, or write it yourself. For this example I have slightly altered a verse from Brahm’s lullaby:

"Lullaby and good night, with roses bedtight
With lilies over spread is my’s wee bed
Lay thee down now and rest, may my slumber be blessed
Lay thee down now and rest, may my slumber be blessed”

Get your necklace (or other jewellery though from henceforth I’ll just say necklace) and light your candles. Take a few moments to calm yourself - meditate if you’re the type - and gather up/raise up energy, flavouring it with gentleness and rest.

Hold your necklace over or just in the flames (depending on what it’s made of. And be careful - remember metal conducts heat!). Chant or sing your lullaby while charging the necklace with the energy you gathered.

Once the lullaby is finished, take the necklace away from the flames and, carefully, spit on it. This personalises it to you (therefore if you are doing this spell for someone else, get them to spit on it instead). Rub the spit on, using a cloth if you want. Put the necklace aside until you are ready to go to bed, wearing it on when you start your nightly routine and feeling the calming energy infuse you as you drift off to sleep.

  · Emotional Cleansing Spell



  • Rain water (if you don’t have this, use filtered water or tap water)
  • Rosemary (just the leaves, no stems)
  • A few drops of essential oil; use which ever scent that will make you the happiest
  • A small pinch of salt (you’ll want it to dissolve)
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • A bowl
  • A wash cloth

Put the water into a bowl. Add the essential oil, the salt and the herbs. Take a wash cloth and rub the spell water on your skin. While doing so, I want you to imagine all of your troubles, all of your baggage being washed away by the cleansing water. You can bathe however much you are comfortable with, whether it be your whole body or just patches. Continue to bathe until you are feeling cleansed and relaxed. If you have water left over, strain the herbs from it and deposit them in the trash, and dump the water outside or down the sink.

  · A Spell For Calming and Relaxing



  • fresh grass
  • lavender
  • rose petals
  • olive oil
  • a white candle
  • cauldron or pot (small)
  • your favourite quartz crystals (optional)

Mix the fresh grass, lavender and rose petals in the cauldron or pot and add a touch of olive oil. Place the crystals around the candle and light it. Now, heat the olive oil, rose petals, lavender, and grass. Mix for about five minutes.

Inhale the scent through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, with your eyes closed and focusing on thoughts of “calming and relaxing in, and stress and misery out” as you do this. Continue to do this for about five minutes or until you really feel the stress melting away and deep calm returning.

Finally, turn to the candle when you are ready and say,

“All remaining (anger/stress/fear/sadness/etc) will now go,
from the inside to the outside, make it so.”

Take 11 deep breaths and on the 12th, blow out the candle.

  · Liberation Spell


This is a spell to help free yourself from whatever binds you or holds you back.


  • black candle
  • black ribbon or cord

Light the candle. Wrap the ribbon loosely around your wrists and hold them out in front of you. Say the following:

“I have been bound by _____ (name of the person, bad habit, old job, an experience, or whatever it is that bound you),
But no longer willing am I to be,
I let it/him/her go and walk away,
And so it is that I am free.”

When you have finished reciting the spell, allow the ribbon to slide off your wrists. Dispose of the ribbon somehow — burn it, bury it, etc.

  · Emotional Binding Spell


  • Salt (to neutralize the emotion)
  • Juniper berries (for secrets)
  • Herbs or stones associated with the emotion you want to bind. Roses or rose quartz for love, hot spices for anger, malachite for envy, etc.
  • Sage or rosemary (to cleanse negativity)
  •  Black or red cord or thread.
  • A bottle

         Place the herbs (or stones) and salt into the bottle. Imagine every ounce of the emotion you want to bind into the bottle. Feel the energy flowing from you, flowing from your fingertips into the bottle. Cork the bottle. If you want, you can seal it with wax or superglue. Wrap the cord or thread around the bottle. Make sure you bind it tight. You can shake the bottle to remind you of the emotions that you sealed, or you can bury it, or hide it away.

Hi there! I was wondering, is there any spells to help couples stop bickering. Or from keeping your partner from being so confrontational? Would a simply relationship strengthening spell work best? Blessed be! Thank you.


please get permission from your partner before doing a spell on their behalf.

Cooling and Sweetening Spell


  • a photo of you and your partner
  • honey
  • dried mint leaves
  • a jar with a lid

If you don’t have a photo available, you can write both of your names on a sheet of paper. Sprinkle some crushed mint onto the middle of the photo. Mint is a cooling and calming herb. Next, add two drops of honey to sweeten your dispositions toward each other, then fold the photo in half and tape it closed. Place the photo in a lidded jar (so the honey doesn’t attract pests) and keep it somewhere the two of you often spend time together. You can add rose petals or other sweet smelling herbs to the jar, if you like. You and/or your partner can also write down happy memories or what you love about each other, and add those thoughts to the jar as well.

To Stop Bickering/Arguments

To stop a pointless argument, take a picture of the one you are fighting with and place a clear piece of tape over their mouth. Draw a heart upon it. Kiss it, and place it where you can see it as you clearly say:

You may best me with your words,
But you are bested by my kiss.
No more will I hear angry words;
From these lips, love will persist.

Blow a kiss to it now and then as you walk by. Then place it in your dresser or another quiet place, and reinstate the spell when needed. This also works on yourself. (source)

other suggestions:

Spell to lose weight?


here is a knot spell that can be used to help you focus on healthy eating, staying motivated, aiding weight loss, and exercise. no spell will magically make the pounds melt away - you have to make the necessary lifestyle changes yourself.

all you need is string, yarn, hemp, or cord, etc. you can do it any time you want and can wear the knotted cord as a bracelet. if you do this, you can add beads made out of sodaite, apatite and/or sunstone to it — these minerals are believed to help with weight loss and motivation.

First Knot : By know of one, I now ignite, a reduction in my appetite

Second Knot: By knot of two, my metabolism, becomes an active mechanism

Third Knot: By knot of three, I bind desire, for unhealthy foods; it now expires

Fourth Knot: By knot of four, I bind the urge, to binge and gobble, gorge and splurge

Fifth Knot: By knot of five, inertia goes, and exercise, I do not oppose

Sixth Know: By knot of six, all excess weight, is bound to quickly dissipate

Seventh Knot: By knot of seven, I resist, serving larger than two fists

Eight Knot: By know of eight, insecurity goes, self-worth buds, and blooms, and grows

Ninth Knot: By knot of nine, I bind setbacks, so I stay easily on track

other helpful spells: Energy Gain Spell and Mental and Physical Health Spell.

  · Break It Off


Are you looking to end a friendship with someone and you don’t really care to wait it out directly? You already tried to tell them no but they just didn’t listen? Here’s a spell, or curse if one would like to call it that, to help finalize the end of a friendship.

You will need:

  • Red, black, or brown candles (These colors are used for repelling things. If not, it’s all right. Candle color isn’t the most important thing.)
  • String (The color is unimportant.)
  • Two sticks or poles (That are taller than the chosen candle.)
  • The names of yourself and the one you want to unfriend on separate sheets of paper.

-Set up two poles or sticks that can stand on their own and are taller than the candle you choose to use.
-Tie the string across these two sticks, letting it be loose and dangle within range of the wick of the candle.
-At one end of the string put a piece of tape or paper with your name. At the other end put your friend’s name. Designate the string as your friendship.
-Light the candle and if you need to, manipulate the sticks so that the string hangs in the flame. When the string breaks, it should signify your friendship breaking.

If you’d like to, you could say things along these lines:

By the burning of this string,
The final bell of this time did ring.
Ended now is our friendship,
As the flame this string does rip.

  · Earth Grounding Charm


A simple charm that can help with stability/grounding, nervousness and anxiety.


  • fresh soil
  • string
  • a square piece of cloth (the size is up to you)
  • small quartz crystal (optional)

Place the cloth flat on a table. Relax and breathe deeply, meditate if you desire. While making the bag, visualize yourself as being grounded and that you have roots going deep down inside the earth. Pour the soil in the middle of the cloth (place the crystal in the center, if you’re using one) and then bring up all the sides so you have a little baggie (sachet) of soil. Use the string to tie it securely. Hold the bag in your hand and say this charm while still visualizing,

Earthen sachet I hath wrought,
Keep me stable throughout all thought.
No matter what may cause affliction,
Oh Earthen sachet,
keep my earthy connection.

Carry the sachet on you for as long as you like. Repeat weekly or as needed.

  · Bathtime Ritual for Peace


This ritual is for those who are wound so tight because of well… life. This will help you achieve peace and quiet.

You will need:

  • a cucumber
  • 1 tsp dried lavender
  • a mint leaf
  • vanilla essential oil
  • a purple and or blue candle
  • a mesh sachet
  • silence
  • music (optional - and your choice)

First, cut the cucumber into thin strips. You won’t be needing the entire cucumber, just about eight slices of it. Don’t worry about peeling it, this is for the bath, not for eating.

Secondly, combine the cucumber, lavender, mint, and about three drops of the vanilla essential oil in a bowl and mush together. (Yes mush, it’s going to get messy.) This process is necessary to get as much natural oils from the mint and cucumber as you can. Now, put the mixture into the sachet and set aside.

Light your candles and place strategically around the bathroom. (I turn on and off the lights a few times to make sure that where I’ve put them is going to bring the most light.)

Next, put the sachet you’ve created into the bathtub and run the water. Wait for the water to fill before getting in and make as warm as possible. (Run your hand a few times in the water as it fills up to be sure that it’s not going to scorch your skin, though.)

Put your music on (optional), and sit in the bathtub. Imagine things that make you feel at ease. I like to imagine that I am on a large rock in the middle of a pounding sea, with thunder dropping into the waves. OR- I also like to imagine water rushing over river stones. Enjoy the darkness and silence and take your time. Take in the aromas provided and let it all go. Ease your mind and thoughts and truly enjoy silence.

  · Full Moon Wish Spell


This is a lovely little spell that will harness the energy of the moon for whatever purpose you wish. Or you can cast this to help bring something unexpected into your life. All you need is:

  • A clear jar, at least a pint in size
  • Pure water
  • A silver coin
  • A bell
  • A white or silver candle

You’ll have to do this spell at night where you can have a clear view of the moon. It can be through a window if necessary but doing it outside is better.

Fill the jar with water and light your candle near where you are doing the spell. Sit under the moon and enjoy it’s bright light for a few minutes. Then drop the coin into the jar. Let the water settle until it’s smooth again and sit so that the reflection of the moon in the water seems to sit right on the coin. You might have to move around for this.

Gaze at the reflection and the coin together, and ring the bell three times. Speak your wish out loud, or just ask the moon to bring you some general good fortune. Bring everything back indoors and leave the coin in the water jar until the next full moon, or until you feel your wish has been granted.

  · To Reverse a Spell


Use this spell to reverse any harmful magic. This could work to reverse the effects of a spell cast on you or someone else with malicious intent. You can also use this to reverse your own spells. Needed:

  • Salt
  • Water
  • A taper candle. Use one of a color that represents the spell you wish to break. For example, to break a spell cast out of hate, you could use a red candle. A spell cast out of envy could be reversed with a green candle.  
  • A glass or bowl about the same height as the candle

Put the candle into the glass or bowl and fill it with water so that it is almost covering the candle; have the water level about a half inch to an inch below the candle’s tip. Sprinkle salt into the water around the candle and say:

With salt, this water is made pure
I give it the power to heal and cure

Imagine the water and salt glowing with a bright light. Perhaps visualize sparks as the salt hits the water. Light the candle and say:

A spell was cast with baneful will
A wicked web was wrongly spun
I take away the harm and ill
I now undo what has been done 

As the candle burns, imagine that the water is emitting positive energies that will help to reverse the spell. Let these energies build up in your circle. When the candle burns to the level of the water and sputters out, take it out of the water and hold it horizontally with both hands. Say:

This harmful spell I now negate,
Return things to their rightful state! 

At the last word, break the candle in half. As if the snapping sound were a thunderclap, visualize the energy in your space being released in a burst of bright energy like lightning, destroying the effects of the spell you are reversing. If you can, snap the candle into even smaller pieces, breaking it further, making it useless and inconsequential. Bury the candle pieces as well as any wax that dripped into the water. Pour the water in a circle around where the candle is buried. 

  · witchin on a budget


Many of us are cutting back with the cost of living going up and paychecks going down.  Here are things I’ve learned to use over the years for magical practice and spellwork that are easy to find at any dollar store, thrift, etc. and sometimes in bulk.  

birthday candles-come in many colors and great substitute for expensive candles deemed ‘spell candles’ 

tea light candles-same concept, and they come in white, a universal color for spellwork. check your local craft stores for deals. sometimes i can get a big bag for $3 and boom, a year’s worth of candles!

spice rack sorcery-yes you heard me right.  if you can’t afford to buy a lot of magical property herbs, your spice rack has the same or equivalents for many herbs you would use in spells or kitchen witchery.  to see a complete list click here.

ice cubes-anytime my Great Grandma had someone spreading gossip/rumors or just starting shit, she would write that person’s name (or the situation) on a slip of paper and pop it in the ice cube tray in the freezer to put that person/situation on ice.  Once she felt it was resolved magically, she would put it in a pot to boil/melt.  This could be used to just stop trouble or even for hexing.

herbal teas-whatever herbs are in, contain the same properties as herbs you would use/buy, so you can even brew tea with the intention of spellwork or to help yourself.  very useful in the office too.  feeling anxious? brew some mint or chamomile, empower with your witchy intention and sip away.

nails/thumb tacks/needles-great for protection spells and home protection.  Every home I’ve ever lived has nails crossed in an X under the door mat and above the doorway.

mason jars-the most versatile thing on the planet. you can also use baby food jars, spaghetti sauce jars, etc. These are used to make candles, store herbs, store homemade oils and tinctures and salves, even to hold an incense stick in a pinch.  You don’t have to buy expensive pretty herb jars because you can upcycle everyday items. If you want them pretty, you can even use some modge podge and fabric or scrapbook paper to adorn the lids and print out some pretty labels. Tips for modge podge/decorating jars

Thrift stores/Goodwill has great options for witchery. I always find candle holders, as well as tiny pots that can be used as cauldrons. My cauldron is actually a cast iron cooking pot with lid, which works nicely as a kitchen witch. It’s big enough to take outside to do full fires or to use inside for smaller conjuring.  Note: I only use this for magical workings and never prepare food, as some herbs you use may be toxic if ingested (example-mandrake, etc.)  Get creative!